Understanding the Fiancé Visa

If your marriage is on the horizon and either you or your fiancé is not a US citizen, it’s time to start looking into acquiring a fiancé visa.  Often known as a K-1 visa, obtaining a fiancé visa can be a little daunting if you’re unfamiliar with the process. What should you know about fiancé visas?


What is Form I-944?

In Early 2020, the Trump administration introduced Form I-944, titled Declaration of Self Sufficiency.  Most green card applicants must file this form in addition to the green card application. The purpose of the form is to help USCIS decide whether or not the green card applicant is inadmissible based on their public charge status. If USCIS determines that the green card applicant is a public charge, a bond will be set. USCIS will inform the green card applicant that he or she has been deemed a public charge. Once that determination is made, the applicant must file form I-945.


What Is Wire Fraud?

Wire Fraud

The prevalence of technology in modern society has allowed a variety of crimes to manifest themselves in new ways. Wire fraud is simply a form of fraud that involves the use of modern communication devices. Typically, a person committing wire fraud creates a scheme and a series of lies with the goal of stealing victims’ money. These days, wire fraud can occur across several mediums, including phone calls, social media platforms, text messages and faxes.


What Is Probation Before Judgment?

If you may be facing a DUI charge in the near future, you should definitely be aware of the consequences that come with that. In the state of Maryland, a DUI conviction results in a misdemeanor instead of a felony. However, even misdemeanors have consequences that could introduce unwanted difficulties in your life. In this circumstance, you should strongly consider seeking Probation Before Judgment.


5 Reasons You Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney After a Car Accident

It is an unfortunate truth that car accident related injuries happen all the time. In fact, in 2018, an average of over 135 people were injured daily due to car accidents in Maryland alone. No one really plans to be injured in car accidents. For this reason, when disaster does strike, it can be hard to know the proper course of action to take. Why should you hire a personal injury attorney after a car accident?


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