What Types of Work Visas Are Available?

work visas

While many people are familiar with the H-1B visa, the most commonly used type of work visa, there are numerous other types of work visas available. These visas cater to various categories of workers, including skilled professionals, seasonal workers, and even investors. Understanding the different types of work visas can help you better navigate the complex immigration process to the United States.

H Visas

The H-1B visa is one of the most popular work visas for skilled professionals. It is designed to attract individuals with specialized knowledge or advanced education in specific in-demand fields like technology, engineering, finance, and healthcare. To use these work visas to enter the country, you must be sponsored by an employer. Additionally, your employer must be able to show that they cannot find enough qualified American workers for the position.

There are also H-2A and H-2B work visas. These visas are used to attract temporary or seasonal help. While they can be used in non-agricultural settings, they are very popular for farms and other agricultural businesses that rely on a high volume of seasonal help. H-3 visas can be used to seek additional training (outside of medical school) for people who will then return to their home countries to use the training.

O Visas

The O-1 visa is for people who have special abilities or achievements in their respective fields. This type of work visa is often used by performers and professionals in arts, business, or athletics who have national or international recognition for their talents. In order to receive this work visa, applicants must provide evidence of their extraordinary abilities, like relevant awards.

I Visas

I visas allow those working in the foreign press to come to the United States for work purposes. Film crew members, reporters, and other press workers who are representing a valid foreign media entity are eligible to use these work visas. Unlike some other types of work visas, these are often indefinite so long as the person using the visa stays employed with the same media organization.

L Visas

L work visas are designed to allow temporary transfers within businesses so that employees can move from one country to another. L visas are often used for those with special expertise or for managers or company executives. These visas can last for either one year or three years, depending on which you apply for.

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