Why Should You Get a Police Report in the State of Maryland After a Car Crash

If you are involved in a car accident in the State of Maryland, regardless of the severity, it is most likely in your best interest to have a police report made. Ultimately, it its best to move forward from here with as many facts gathered about the accident as possible. Many of these facts, including the involved parties and their insurance information, are included right on a police report!

How Many Details are Included in a Police Report?

The number of details included in a police report is directly tied to the severity of the accident. That means that for accidents involving serious injury or death, a full investigation with extensive details will be included. Factors like weather conditions, witness accounts and whether any parties were intoxicated during the impact will be included. An officer may also issue a citation for fault if it is a cut and dry accident.

Naturally, the police report will likely not be quite as thorough if the accident is only minor. Even still, you should be sure to request a copy. If it is unclear which driver is at fault, the police report may contain evidence that can help you prove you are in fact the innocent party.

Should You Send Your Police Report to Your Insurance Company?

Your insurance company may not require or even request a police report, but we recommend sending it over regardless. If the other driver showed signs of intoxication, you would definitely want to display that to your insurer.  That way, they will easily be able to establish liability.

Another reason to send in your police report is because of Maryland’s contributory negligence rule. In essence, if you show any sign of fault, regardless of the amount of fault, you will be ineligible to receive full compensation. The presence of an unbiased police report will make it much easier to confirm that the accident occurred outside of your control.

Are You Dealing with the Aftermath of a Car Crash? We Can Help.

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