What Should You Do If You’re Charged with Assault?

In the state of Maryland, assault charges are taken very seriously. As such, if you have been charged with assault in the state of Maryland, it is crucial to gain a deeper understanding of the potential consequences and begin forming a plan to defend yourself.

There are two types of assault in the state of Maryland. Let’s take a look at both of them:

First Degree Assault

First degree assault is the more serious of the two charges. The charge is given to those who inflict or make an attempt to inflict great pain on a victim, whether it be with a firearm or any other form of attack. First degree assault has the potential to cause death or permanent injury.

Because of the severity of this felony, the consequences are quite extensive. If found guilty of first-degree assault, offenders are subject to a maximum of 25 years of jail time.

Second Degree Assault

Second degree assault is less severe than first degree, which is why most convicted perpetrators are only charged with a misdemeanor. This charge is usually given to those who threaten a victim, touch them without permission, or attempt to harm them. The consequences of a conviction are a fine of up to $2,500 and up to 10 years of jail time.

Best Course of Action

If you are charged with any form of assault, it is nearly imperative that you hire an experienced attorney as soon as possible. You’ll want to do this even before speaking with police, as anything you say can be used as evidence against you in the future. First degree and second-degree charges come with very serious repercussions that an attorney most likely has the expertise to reduce. An attorney can also help you form a defense strategy consisting of arguments like defense of others, self-defense, lack of intent and mistake of fact.

Protect Yourself from an Assault Conviction with Elizabeth Anu Lawrence Law

Convictions of any kind can damage your future reputation, financial security, employment or housing opportunities, and rights as a citizen; having strong legal defense can help you in dismissing your charges, exploring your best options, or representing you in court.  The Law Office of Elizabeth A. Lawrence offers high-quality legal representation, personal attention, and professionalism to help defend those who need it most.  Click here or call (410) 986-0088 to consult with an experienced attorney today.

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