What Happens if an Underaged Individual is Charged with DUI in Maryland?

We’ve covered the consequences of driving under the influence previously on our blog, but certain circumstances can alter the aftermath of the charge significantly. In this blog post, we circle back and outline exactly what happens when a minor is charged with DUI.

DUI Under 21 in Maryland

As you know, the legal drinking age in the state of Maryland is 21. As such, DUI charges have much stricter criteria when it comes to those under that age. Individuals over 21 are charged with DUI after their BAC tests at .08 or above. Conversely, a .02 BAC level can lead to the charge for those under 21. Such low levels could be achieved after even less than a full beverage is consumed. However, the scent of alcohol may lead officers to conduct sobriety tests even if no erratic driving behavior was detected.

DUI Under 21 Consequences

Whereas first time DUI offenders over age 21 may have their license revoked for up to 6 months, those under 21 may lose their license for a full year. This revocation comes with a host of other potential penalties, including:

  • A fine of up to $1,000
  • Mandated participation in the state’s ignition interlock program
  • A maximum of one year in jail
  • Required participation in an alcohol abuse and assessment program

Supervised Probation

Another key distinction between underage DUI and traditional charges is the corresponding probation. In many cases, individuals under 21 are given supervised probation instead of unsupervised probation. This is simply because of the concern that someone not legally permitted to consume alcohol was charged with such a serious crime. Supervised probation usually requires monthly check-ins with a probation agent over the course of one year, and also requires that the defendant stays out of legal trouble throughout the same time period. 

We Can Help You Avoid a DUI or DWI Conviction or Minimize Your Punishment

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