Understanding Your Drug Possession Offense

Drug charges vary greatly in the state of Maryland based on several relevant factors. Generally, penalties can include jail time, probation, and indirect consequences like difficulty securing future employment. In this blog, we’ll look at the main factors that determine the severity of the punishment resulting from drug possession charges.

Drug in Question

The consequences of your case will be affected by the kind of drug you had in your possession. Maryland residents facing marijuana possession offenses can be sentenced to a year of jail time and pay a fine no larger than $1,000, assuming they possessed over 10 grams. Since Marijuana was decriminalized in the state of Maryland in 2014, citizens possessing under 10 grams will simply be given a civil offense penalty and be subject to a maximum fine of $100.  Consequences begin to ramp up significantly from there for the possession of:

  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • LSD
  • Ecstasy
  • Meth

First Time Offenders Vs Repeat Offenders

In many cases, first time drug possession cases may be quite minimal and involve mandatory drug education programs without jail time. Small charges can often be expunged from legal records altogether within a year of the offense as well.  Charges may ramp up for second time offenders, however, and include jail time.

Intent to Distribute

Drug offenses and their consequences are significantly more serious if distribution or the intention of distribution are involved in the case. If a large enough quantity is discovered, a responding officer may make the decision that the quantity exceeds what could possibly be considered an expected amount for mere personal use. At that point, the penalty could rise from a misdemeanor charge to a felony. 

Protect Yourself from Drug Possession Offenses with Elizabeth Anu Lawrence Law

Drug convictions of any kind can damage your future reputation, financial security, employment or housing opportunities, and rights as a citizen; having strong legal defense can help you in dismissing your charges, exploring your best options, or representing you in court.  The Law Office of Elizabeth A. Lawrence offers high-quality legal representation, personal attention, and professionalism to help defend those who need it most.  Click here or call (410) 986-0088 to consult with an experienced attorney today.

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