Understanding How Child Support is Calculated in Maryland

Maryland is one of many states that has set guidelines for how child support is awarded. The Child Support Guidelines are designed to help ensure equity and fairness and make sure that children have the financial support that they need to thrive. When you are potentially going to be paying or awarded child support, it’s important that you understand how the payment is calculated.

What Information Do You Need to Provide?

The court will need to see some documents from you before deciding what payments are appropriate for child support. These documents include:

  • The actual monthly income of each parent, which includes things like wages, Social Security benefits, alimony, bonuses, workers’ compensation, and other income
  • The adjusted actual income of each parent, which is the actual income minus any other child support that the parent is currently paying for another child and any alimony that they are responsible for
  • Health insurance costs
  • Work-related childcare costs, including programs like before and after care and daycare
  • Financial statement forms
  • Any other requested information

What If a Parent Tries to Avoid Paying Child Support?

Sadly, some parents think that they can avoid paying child support for their children by intentionally not making enough money to pay it. This is known as voluntary impoverishment, and the court takes it very seriously. If the judge determines that a spouse is voluntarily impoverishing themselves, they can disregard the lack of income and treat the parent as if they do have income when deciding how large the child support payment will be.

How Is Child Support Calculated?

Because Maryland uses established standards, you can get an idea of what your child support payment will be by using their official calculator. When the judge hears your case, they will:

  • Determine and confirm your actual income
  • Confirm your adjusted actual income
  • Add up your adjusted actual income and use it with the Child Support Guidelines to figure out the basic child support obligation
  • Factor in any other expenses that have been disclosed, like healthcare costs or the cost of daycare
  • Generate the child support obligation for the non-custodial parent to pay

In general, it is very challenging to ask the court to consider another amount for child support, and working with an attorney is essential.

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