Should You Hire an Attorney if You Are Accused of Sexual Assault?

If you are accused of sexual assault, it is very important to take the accusation seriously, regardless of your innocence or guilt in the situation. Pressure is high in these types of cases, in part because having a sexual assault charge on your record could be damaging to your reputation and can impact many aspects of your life. When a person is accused of any criminal offense, regardless of culpability, it is always recommended to hire an attorney from whom to seek counsel. In order to help tell your side of the events, you should hire an attorney if you are accused of sexual assault.

Why Seek an Attorney

In criminal cases including sexual assault claims, it is always advised to hire an attorney. It is critical that evidence be built up around your case so that it tells your version of the story. When creating this narrative, it may be difficult for you to pick out which facts will contribute to your case, which words will be most applicable based on other similar cases, and enumerable other concerns to keep in mind. An attorney will help you navigate these difficult waters and steer you in the appropriate direction.

Preparing to Meet with Your Attorney

When you are preparing to meet with your attorney, assemble all of the facts about the interactions surrounding the situation in question, as you are able. Regardless of innocence or guilt, write down the interactions you remember with this person, including what happened, what was said and any actions that took place. Collect all documentation relating to the situation, including any written files like emails, text messages or letters as well as voice messages that may have been exchanged with the plaintiff. This process is the collection of evidence, and your attorney will likely require it to help build your case and help tell your story of events.

Hire an Attorney if You Are Accused of Sexual Assault

The stakes are high if you are accused of sexual assault, but you do not have to make the legal decisions alone. At the Law Office of Elizabeth A. Lawrence, our experienced attorneys will guide you through this process. Let them negotiate the complicated law jargon and assist you with the overwhelming next steps, consult with one of our professionals today.

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