Reasons a Personal Injury Lawyer Might be Unable to Take a Case

It is important to have a basic understanding of your case so that you know if it would be financially worth the cost of filing. Be aware of the solid facts that make up your side of the events in question. Depending on the facts, the lawyer might be unable to take a case, deciding it to be unwinnable or too costly. Read more to understand the factors which attorneys will take into consideration when evaluating a personal injury case.

Logistical Concerns

A small detail about time or distance can take a perfectly winnable case and make it impossible to take on. For example, if the statute of limitations on your claim has expired, a lawyer quite literally cannot take your case. Consult with our lawyers early to avoid this trap so that you are aware of your options and are able to act before it is too late.

In addition, consider the distance of the players in your claim. If the defendant is out of state, the cost and time to handle that distance may prove to be too high for you and the firm to risk.

Complex and Unclear Facts

Depending on the facts of your situation and how the events unfolded, a lawyer might be unable to take a case. For example, it may be unclear who has caused you harm either because there is no one to blame or there are a few possibilities of who could be at fault.

In personal injury cases, lawyers need to be able to prove that the defendant had a duty to keep the environment and thus you safe. If it is unclear whose duty it was to have secured the environment or was liable if things went wrong, then the case becomes complicated from the beginning. Picking a defendant in these types of situations can be difficult and not always worth the cost to you and the firm.

There are other potential claims which are not taken on because the plaintiff, too, could possibly be at fault. For example, if you wanted to sue a restaurant for not having a wet floor sign and you slipped and broke your hip, that seems like a direct cause-effect relationship. But if a lawyer hears that it was raining that day, you slipped just inside of the door, and were not wearing any kind of appropriate rain shoe, then the lawyer may see too many complications which make securing your damages more of an uphill battle. There may be too many precautions which you could have taken which may not hold up under scrutiny.

Wondering Why a Lawyer Might be Unable to Take a Case?

What qualifies as a serious injury? Are all of the facts of your personal injury claim too much to sort through? Consult with our attorneys at The Law Office of Elizabeth Anu Lawrence, LLC, who will counsel you on your next steps. To schedule an appointment, call us at (410) 986-0088 or visit our website for more information.

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