Is It Worth Hiring a Lawyer After a Car Crash?

If you were recently involved in a car accident in which you were not at fault, you’re likely dealing with a host of stressors as a result. There’s nothing fun about car crashes. After the dust from the initial impact settles, you have to immediately shift your attention to addressing any injuries, filing a claim and receiving appropriate compensation. Is it worth hiring a lawyer to help with this process?

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer After a Car Crash

Lawyers Understand the Legal Process

After you leave the scene of an accident, the last thing you’ll want to focus on is learning the legal procedures that follow. When you are dealing with the physical and emotional pain of an accident, you shouldn’t have to be burdened by filing documents and finding the right forms to fill out. Let the pros take care of that for you! This way, you don’t have to stress over getting everything just right in order to have your best chance at a favorable outcome.

Lawyers Can Take Your Case to Trial

You might be surprised to learn that most car accident cases don’t actually go to trial. Instead, they are settled outside of court with the victim and the opposing insurance company. When you hire a lawyer, you are making it clear that you are willing to take the case to trial. As a result, you may find that insurance companies are willing to provide a more favorable settlement in a more reasonable amount of time.  

Lawyers Help Your Odds

If your case ends up going to trial, you’ll be up against an insurance company that likely employs a team of experts to try to ensure they don’t lose money on cases just like yours. These attorneys have one goal: try to make the settlement as low as possible. We have the legal prowess to fight back, protect your best interests and maximize the compensation you receive.

Are You Dealing with the Aftermath of a Car Crash? We Can Help.

If you experienced an injury during a car accident, you deserve a skilled attorney who will get you the compensation that you deserve as a result of your car accident claim. Consult with an experienced attorney like those of the Law Office of Elizabeth A. Lawrence today by clicking here or calling (410) 986-0088.

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