Involved in a Car Accident? Don’t Make These Mistakes!

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There is no question that the aftermath of a car accident can be an overwhelming time for anyone. The process is even more stressful when an injury is sustained as a result of the crash. Even still, the immediate aftermath and the days following an accident are among the most important times throughout the entire experience when it comes to seeking the recovery you deserve. As such, let’s take a look at a few mistakes to avoid in the aftermath of your car accident.

At the Scene of the Accident

The number one thing you should do in the immediate aftermath of a crash is ensure you are uninjured before doing anything else. Don’t risk even further injury by attempting to move if you suspect you may have sustained an injury. Once you have moved your vehicle to a safe area and confirmed you are injury free, it’s time to gather evidence. This is the best time to gather any information that could potentially prove useful as you start building your case in the days and weeks following. As such, do not make the mistake of failing to collect these critical pieces of information:

  • Driver’s contact information, including name, driver’s license numbers, car insurance company, and insurance policy number.
  • Witnesses’ contact information.
  • Evidence, including the specifics of the car that collided with you as well as photos of any damages, traffic signals, and skid marks.

Bonus tip: Not sure if you should call the police after your accident? Call them anyway! The responding officer can create a report that contains much of the information outlined above.

In the Hours and Days Following the Accident

Do you suspect you may have been injured as a result of the accident? If so, it’s best to seek immediate medical attention. Failing to do so could cause severe injuries to rapidly worsen or make it more difficult to prove that your injuries were in fact severe. Be sure to save documentation from any medical visits for this reason!

From there, it’s time to make sure you seek legal counsel from an experienced professional. Amid the stress of the post-accident experience, an experienced attorney can provide great value by negotiating fair compensation for the losses you’ve suffered. Whether an insurance settlement or a courtroom trial is the right path forward, don’t make the mistake of going it alone.

Are You Dealing with the Aftermath of a Car Accident? We Can Help.

If you or a loved one experienced an injury during a car accident, you deserve a skilled attorney who will get you the compensation that you deserve as a result of your car accident claim. Consult with an experienced attorney like those of the Law Office of Elizabeth A. Lawrence today by clicking here or calling (410) 986-0088.

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