How to Gather Evidence for a Slip and Fall Case

Earlier this year, we published a blog post all about proving your innocence after a car crash. The advice in that blog was centered around gathering evidence that displayed that the other driver involved was the one at fault. However, the scope of personal injury cases extends well beyond car accidents. As such, we’re circling back and offering a few tips for gathering evidence to support your slip and fall case. 

Documenting the Scene of the Accident

As is the case with any type of accident involving injury, the number one priority is confirming the health and well-being of the victim. At this time, emergency services should be contacted if the victim has sustained serious injuries. Once their safety has been confirmed and emergency services have been notified if applicable, it’s time to document the scene of the accident. Doing so in the immediate aftermath of the incident is highly advisable, as quick repairs may otherwise be made in as little as one day.

Look out for these key features when gathering photo evidence, and try to capture the scene from a variety of angles if possible:

  • Insufficient lighting
  • Lackluster property maintenance
  • Exposed construction materials or projects
  • Uneven walking surfaces

Collecting Physical Evidence

Once the scene of the incident is documented, you can shift your attention toward gathering physical evidence. It’s entirely possible that such evidence can be obtained directly from your doctor in the form of medical records, medical imaging, and rehabilitation plans. Even still, it’s worth personally documenting your injuries as soon as possible after the incident. Bruising, bleeding, and swelling are all symptoms that may help prove your case in court, but they are also all symptoms that subside as time goes on. Give yourself the greatest odds of securing the recovery and compensation you deserve by gathering photographic evidence of your symptoms as soon as you are safely able to do so. 

Are You Dealing with the Aftermath of a Slip and Fall Incident? We Can Help.

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