How Pre-Existing Conditions Could Impact Your Personal Injury Case

If you have been hurt, it can be overwhelming sorting through your options to recover damages. Unfortunately, there are many other things that can complicate your personal injury case. One such thing is pre-existing conditions. If you have pre-existing conditions, you might be concerned that they will outright prevent you from being able to get compensation for the injuries that you received during an accident. Here is what you should understand about personal injury law and pre-existing conditions.

Always Tell Your Attorney

It is absolutely critical to be honest with your attorney in any case, and that includes your personal injury case. Even if you are concerned that it will make your case more challenging, you must be completely honest about any pre-existing physical or mental injuries or conditions that you had at the time of the accident. They can only help you if they know the full story, and if your pre-existing conditions come up in court and your attorney is unaware, it can severely harm the outcome of your case.

You Never Know What Is Relevant

Another factor in your personal injury case is that you never know what types of pre-existing conditions can be relevant. For example, many people do not think about childhood injuries when thinking about their overall health. However, something as simple as a broken leg when you were a child could be relevant to your case. Make sure that you have complete, detailed medical records that your team is able to access. Additionally, make sure that you do not give the insurance company or opposition access to your complete medical records until you have spoken to your attorney about it.

Pre-Existing Injuries Don’t Eliminate Recovery Options

It is important to know that pre-existing conditions and injuries will not necessarily prevent you from being able to obtain restitution during your personal injury case. Whether someone caused new injuries or worsened existing conditions, every accident victim deserves their day in court and the ability to fight for damages. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney is critical, as they will understand how to make a compelling case in court and stop insurance adjusters or the opposition from implying that the injuries you received are less legitimate.

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