Follow These 4 Tips to Avoid Slowdowns in the Immigration Process

Closeup of official letter from US Citizenship and Immigration Services for becoming a citizen in the United States after going through the naturalization process. Part of American Flag in background.

If you are currently in the middle of the immigration process, you know that it is a lengthy and often complicated process. With visa wait times longer than desired, we’ve compiled a few tips to help make sure you steer clear of any immigration slowdowns and achieve your goal of US citizenship as soon as possible.

Submit a Perfect Application

Application errors are one of the most common reasons for immigration-related delays. When you complete the paperwork exclusively by yourself, it’s easy to gloss over simple errors that trained professionals can easily identify. Common simple mistakes to look out for include:

  • Submitting the incorrect version of your form.
  • Forgetting to include a mandatory document.
  • Paying the wrong fee(s).
  • Forgetting your signature.

Steer clear of these mistakes to avoid a request for more evidence which can delay your citizenship!

Investigate Premium Processing

If you are a worker who meets certain USCIS criteria, you may be eligible to apply for premium processing. Typically, the application fee ranges between $1440 and $2500. Keep in mind that this isn’t a fee for those who simply prefer an expedited immigration experience. Instead, premium processing exists for those who can provide a valid reason for expediting their case. For best results, be sure to collaborate with an experienced immigration attorney as you begin building your case.

Request an Expedited Application

Are you currently impacted by one of the following scenarios?

  • Severe financial loss
  • Urgent humanitarian situation
  • USCIS processing error

With the presentation of clear evidence, you may be eligible to apply for expedited USCIS processing.

File an Immigration Lawsuit

If your case has been continuously delayed without any error on your end, it may be time to investigate filing an immigration lawsuit. Compared to the other methods, this one is sure to receive due attention from USCIS. In fact, the threat of a lawsuit alone can often be more effective than all other methods covered in this blog post. Assuming you have the means to hire an immigration attorney, this route will likely offer the greatest return for your case.

The US Immigration System is Complicated. Avoid Slowdowns with The Law Office of Elizabeth Anu Lawrence

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