Consequences of a Conviction in the State of Maryland

In the state of Maryland, there are two types of criminal charges: felonies and misdemeanors. If you are facing a potential offense, you should be sure to know the differences between the two and the associated consequences of each. While misdemeanors are indeed the lesser of the two offenses, they can still involve significant consequences.

Misdemeanor Offenses

In the state of Maryland, misdemeanors are typically brought to court in as little as 10 weeks after the initial charge was given. Here are some possible outcomes of common misdemeanor cases.

Traffic Offenses. These vary greatly depending on the severity. However, without proper representation, those charged with traffic related misdemeanor offenses could be subject to fines, license points, license suspension and even jail time.

Assault. In the state of Maryland, a guilty second-degree verdict can lead to a jail sentence of several years.

Theft. Petty theft may seem like a minor crime, but the consequences are certainly not always minor. In addition to monetary penalties, the guilty party may also be required to spend 90 days or more in jail.

DUI. First time DUI offenders may be fined up to $1,000 and receive up to a year of imprisonment. In addition, up to 12 points are added to the driver’s record. For more information on DUI consequences, check out our blog on the subject.

Felony Offenses

Due to the higher stakes associated with these cases, expert legal representation is always recommended. Most felony offenses involve at least a year of imprisonment.  In addition, lofty fines and the loss of many civil rights (voting, joining armed forces) may be added to the sentence. Felony charges can also lead to immigration status complications and difficulty finding employment even after the required sentence is served.

Protect Yourself from a Conviction with Elizabeth Anu Lawrence Law

Convictions of any kind can damage your future reputation, financial security, employment or housing opportunities, and rights as a citizen; having strong legal defense can help you in dismissing your charges, exploring your best options, or representing you in court.  The Law Office of Elizabeth A. Lawrence offers high-quality legal representation, personal attention, and professionalism to help defend those who need it most.  Click here or call (410) 986-0088 to consult with an experienced attorney today.

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