Avoid These 5 Mistakes Throughout Your Immigration Process

If you are currently in the middle of the immigration process, you know that there is quite a lot of paperwork involved. Mistakes on these forms can lead to delays, lost money and even rejections. Be sure to avoid these five mistakes in your immigration process to stay away from any hiccups along the way!

Filling Out the Wrong Forms

From time to time, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) updates their required citizenship applications. Be sure to visit their site and confirm that you are filling out the most up to date forms available. If you end up submitting an outdated version, there’s a good chance your application review will be delayed.

Using the Wrong Ink Color

Believe it or not, the color of your ink actually matters! Make sure you fill out all of your forms in black ink. While other colors may look legible on the original form, the clarity may diminish once copies are made. The last thing you want is for your application to be delayed due to legibility issues.

Forgetting to Sign the Paperwork

Even if you meticulously fill in your entire application with completely valid answers, all of that means nothing without your signature. If you do forget to sign, it likely won’t void your application, but it will certainly delay its approval.

Failing to Pay Fees

There are various payments you’ll have to make throughout the immigration process. If you forget to provide this payment, your forms will most likely be sent back to you. This is generally not the end of the world. At that point, you can simply pay the required fees and resubmit your paperwork. Keep in mind that avoiding payments long term could result in deportation or other unwanted actions, however.

Not Getting Proper Help

In truth, the immigration process is not always easy. For real peace of mind that no costly hiccups will take place during your application process, you’ll want to have an expert in your corner. Some look for notaries or immigration consultants to help with the immigration process, which is another common mistake. Instead, look for a team of experienced attorneys and accredited representatives who are recognized by the Department of Justice. When you choose a law firm like Elizabeth Anu Lawrence Law, you’re getting expert advice at every step of the way from a team that has been through this same process many times before.

Elizabeth Anu Law Can Help You Through the Immigration Process

If you or a loved one is uncertain how to proceed with the immigration process, choose an experienced firm like the Law Office of Elizabeth Anu Lawrence to give you the help you need.  Please give us a call at 443.352.3201. Skype and telephone consultation are both available to clients.

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