6 Common Reasons a Citizenship Application Is Denied

Completing your citizenship application can be very stressful, as there are many forms to complete and things to take care of. A single error can lead to processing delays or even an outright denial. To make things worse, you will typically not be told exactly what error or inconsistency led to your denial. What are some of the most common reasons your application might be denied?

6 Common Reasons a Citizenship Application Is Denied

  1. Criminal Record: A criminal record does not automatically mean that your citizenship application will be denied, but it dramatically increases the chances that this might occur. Serious and violent crimes, like an aggravated felony or convicted murder, can even lead to a permanent denial. We can assist you in determining how your record might impact your outcome.
  2. Failure to Pay Alimony or Child Support: If you have an obligation to pay spousal support or child support and have not done so, your citizenship application can be denied. Before you apply, ensure that any past missed payments are made right.
  3. Fraud: If you have a fake green card or other falsified information on your citizenship application, it will be discovered. If the United States finds that you deliberately lied, you will not receive citizenship. In serious cases, you might also need to appear in court to begin the deportation process.
  4. Failure to Pay Taxes: Do you have any taxes that you owe the IRS? Make sure that you make things right before sending in your citizenship application, as this is typically automatic grounds for denial.
  5. English Proficiency: You do not need to be as fluent as a native speaker to have your citizenship application approved, but you do need to have a basic level of proficiency. One important exception is adults who are 55 or older who have had a green card for 15 years or more. These adults are eligible for taking the civics portion of the citizenship exam with the help of a translator.
  6. Civics Test Failure: While you need to prepare answers to 100 questions for the civics test portion of the citizenship application, you will only be asked 10 of them during your interview. If you do not answer 6 out of the 10 correctly, your test will be considered a failure and your application will be denied.

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