What is a Nolle Prosequi?

Of all the possible outcomes of any given case, a nolle prosequi is among the most desirable for defendants. However, this is not immediately clear to those unfamiliar with the legal term. What does it mean when a nolle prosequi is entered, and how could it potentially benefit your case?

Defining Nolle Prosequi

Often referred to as, “nol pros” a nolle prosequi directly translates to “will no longer prosecute” in Latin. In essence, when a nolle prosequi is entered, it signifies that the state has decided to no longer pursue the case and drop all charges and bail bonds accordingly. Thus, the case is then closed at once.

Why Might a Nolle Prosequi Be Entered?

There are a hand full of reasons a case may be nolle prossed by the court. The most common example is a lack of strong evidence from the state against the defendant. An insufficient amount of witnesses can also lead to a nolle prosequi being entered. Alternatively, they are often granted to individuals whose cases are not deemed worthy of further pursuit by the prosecutor. In these cases, the defendant is usually only required to complete a specific amount of community service hours before charges are dropped.

Life After a Nolle Prosequi

As stated earlier, a nolle prosequi is generally perceived to be a very positive result for defendants. After fulfilling any community service or other restitution requirements, the defendant will then be eligible to file for expungement. Once they have done so, not only will they have a clean criminal record, the defendant will also have all public police records permanently hidden from public view (granted no subsequent charges occurred prior to expungement).

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