The Different Types of U.S. Work Visas

Whether temporary or permanent, working in the United States is a desirable opportunity for many people who are not citizens of the country. However, anyone entering the country for employment purposes must first qualify for a working visa. There are many types of visas available, and we’ve decided to create this blog as a guide in selecting the choice that best fits your situation.

Non-Immigrant Visas

If you plan to work in the US for a fixed interval, a nonimmigrant visa should cover your needs. Unless you extend the visa, you will need to depart the country once it expires.


The H1-B is the most popular non-immigrant visa. They are provided to those who have job offers from US employers in specialty positions that require at least a bachelor’s degree. These visas are in very high demand, so it may be best to work with an attorney when attempting to secure your own.


L-1 visas are for those working for a foreign business that is affiliated with a United States based business. To be granted an L-1 visa, the person in question must have worked for their employer for at least one uninterrupted year within the past three years.


O-1 visas are for those with extraordinary abilities or qualifications. To be granted an O-1 visa, one must earn a high salary or display awards/ contributions earned in their field.

TN Visa

TN visas are specifically available to those who are citizens of Mexico or Canada. They allow citizens of either country to work in the United States in increments of three years. To qualify, one must prove their citizenship and provide a valid job offer from a US employer.

Immigrant Visas

Roughly 140,000 permanent immigrant visas are granted each year. Rather than vacating the country after a specified interval, immigrant visa holders are granted US residence.

EB-1 Extraordinary Ability Immigrant Visa

As you might expect, these visas are reserved for those who can provide documented evidence that they are a top contributor in their field. There are many ways to display this acclaim, including awards, published articles, and showcases exhibiting work.

EB-1 Multinational Executive Immigrant Visa

The qualifications for this visa are nearly identical to the qualifications associated with the L-1 nonimmigrant visa. The difference here is that the EB-1 Multinational Executive Immigrant visa is provided to those who serve as foreign affiliates and are fluent in multiple languages. 

EB-2 Advanced Degree Immigrant Visa

EB-2 Advanced Degree visas are for those who hold at least a master’s degree and have an offer from an employer where their expertise will be put to use. In order to qualify for this visa, individuals must be sponsored by their employer.

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